Burgers, Brethren and New Beginnings

We recently held an enjoyable and enlightening mentoring event for the support of our newest brethren. Seven Entered Apprentices attended and, along with personal mentors, practised the opening of the lodge and rehearsed their responses in preparation for their Second Degree. The layout of the lodge and the placings and roles of the main offices were then explained, as well as the badges and symbols around the room.

An informal meal of burger and chips afforded the perfect atmosphere for camaraderie and conversation after the coach. The lodge mentoring team took the new brethren through ‘The First Degree’ booklet, examining some of the key points and opening up a very lively Q&A session. Curiosity ran high as questions ranged from what a lodge is, to whether there are other lodges and the possibilities of visitation. The First Degree booklet provided a great step-by-step guide, offering an essential foundation for future learning.

A key takeaway from the event was a reminder to some of the more experienced brethren of just how little a new member knows, and it should not be assumed that they already hold the most basic knowledge. This insight was articulated by a long-serving brother, who, reflecting on his journey in Freemasonry, said: “Even after 26 years, there were things I learnt last night.”

Our ceremonies remind us that it is our duty “to afford assistance and instruction to the Brethren in the inferior Degrees.” Our lodge is committed to this and, with further events planned, will ensure that the new brethren are given the best possible start to their Freemasonry.

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